Airports: the place to see souls

At this exact moment in two weeks time, the cocoons that lay dormant in my stomach will open to the pressure of the wings of butterflies eager to get out.

I will release them in Brisbane on the 13 July 2015.

I imagine other jet setters will notice my contradictions.My face will be streaked with tears, my eyes full of excitement, my lips quivering with sadness and my forearms covered in goosebumps.

It is time to add some more stamps to my soul.

Leaving Australia to live in the United Kingdom for a year has been a dream of mine since I came home from exchange ten years ago.

The meaning of life has shifted since then, but I think the feelings I had at the airport that day will still be the same. Maybe a little more excitement and a little less dread this time. But that is because I’ve done it once before; it feels easier. Mum disagrees.

My Australian life will be put on hold for a year so that I can bottle new experiences, but don’t worry Australia, I will be back.


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