The art of greeting

Hello there awkward hand
Hello there awkward hand

For those of you who know me well, I often talk about the awkwardness I feel about hellos and goodbyes.

I come from an extremely loving family, but I have to say that we show our love in a different way to physical contact.

This also was the case with my school friends. We love each other to death, but the claw hands come up at confusion of a hug.

Imagine my shock when I moved to Denmark. You see, in Denmark you reach for the other persons hand, they pull you in and kiss on the cheek.  I often swayed to the wrong side and met the sloppy lips of old Danish rotary men (lucky my awkward sensor would alarm before the connection).

My first week in London definitely made me giggle internally when I was faced with the situation again, 10 years on, of either 1)kissing 2)hugging 3)handshaking 4)all of the above.

It got awkward, but I laughed and blew it off by saying I was new to the country!

So here are three terrific you tube videos I found to help you integrate into society if you visit.

How to cheek kiss

Candid cheek kiss reactions

European greeting etiquette



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