Dublin Publin

Mood lightingHow do I compare my first impression of Dublin’s summer?

Imagine being a paddle pop stick with a bit of ice cream yet to be licked off.

It’s was fresh but sunny, breezy but bearable.

While in Ireland, do what the Irish do.

Drink and eat potato, amongst other things!

Maddie and I did tick off high ticket tourist ‘must sees’, but we were most excited by the nightlife and music!

The Trinity had cheap drinks, but with only 4 people headed down for the live 5 euro comedy act, we bailed to the more ‘cultured area’ of town.

The Temple Bar, is notorious for being home to the happy snapping tourist looking for an ‘authentic’ experience, but I have to say it had a pretty amazing atmosphere.

Drinks by the hundreds, people squished in there a Chinese takeaway container and bango shaped musical notes flowing from the windows.

The music was so infectious and the experience was one to file as a fantastic introduction to Ireland.

Just to top it off, they put a tear in Maddie’s eye as they sang the song “Galloway Girl” from PS I Love You.

She will love that band forever.

The night wasn’t complete without a visit to O’Neill’s pub.

Much more space, less tourists, nice cosy feel and best of all – a band leading with the piano accordion.

I wish Grandma was in Ireland with me to hear the songs that little package of noise made.

Dublin – you are deemed to be the tourist capital of Ireland, but I don’t care.

You certainly impressed me.


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