Turning Tom Tom off and Tom Taylor up

I had spoken to our family friend, Keith Taylor about visiting his ma and dad while in Ireland.

We were nearing the bottom of the island, so we decided to call Agnes and Tom.

They lived in Dunmore East Co, a coastal town with full of tourists.

We’ve had a fair bit of trouble finding places on the trip due to the lack of street names and numbers.

It came into play again.

Tom Tom was turned off and Tom Taylor was turned up. A left at Strandhill Inn, up the hill to the church, the catholic church with no name, then look for the bus with the name cosmos on the side of it and we will be in the house opposite.


1) Google couldn’t find the Strandhill Inn – luckily we were on the top of a hill and I spotted it on a building at the base.

2) Do different religions do something different to their churches to distinguish them? How were we to find the catholic church amongst the other churches? I typed in Catholic church near me in Google. Fail – there were hundreds.

3) What did Tom say again in his thick Irish accent – was it Thommo’s or Commos?

The Catholic church angels were looking down on us and lead us all the way to Tom, Agnes and a little red head baby standing out the front of a nice little house.

A hug, some family news and a homemade strawberry and cream pie gave us a boost of family love to continue the trip!


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