A Scottish serenade

Goodbye Ireland, hello Scotland.

At 11pm on our first night in Scotland I was scrolling through the webpages of things to do when I came across the Highland Games website.

It answered all my wishes of things I wanted to see in Scotland –  Scottish dancing and bagpipes.

Bridge of Allan, a little community only 45 minutes outside of Glasgow was set to host their games the following day.

It would be a 2 hour drive and we would have to backtrack to Glasgow, but I thought it would probably be one of the best experiences we would have in Scotland.

I wasn’t wrong.

We took no scenic routes, it was highway all the way baby.

Best decision made on the trip.

The sounds of the bagpipes in this community were the maggies of Australia, reigning out through the streets on that fine summers morning.

It wasn’t raining as we approached the gates, but the clouds were as full as a pregnant cows udders!

We started at the Scottish dancing.

Adorable little girls dressed in white shirts, velvet coloured jackets, Scottish kilts, topped with high socks and black dancing shoes.

Their mums were humming to the bagpipes and reciting the steps to them.

We sat in the grandstand to watch as the bagpipe groups marched in.

It was a prime position, that we didn’t realise we had until lunchtime.

You could see the music notes floating around the area from the bagpipes and drums.

The rain started to really come down and I it was at this point I decided it was time to admit defeat in the next few days and buy an unattractive rain jacket.

The real action started at 12:30.

The cyclist plowed their tyres through the saturated grass, the runners did sprint warm ups up and down in their singlet tops and spiked shoes and the shot putters made their kilts spin when they threw practice puts into the centre.

Next thing we know there are wrestlers in front of us, pulling each other to the ground. Young boys, young girls, boy v boy, girl v girl, girl v boy; it didn’t matter.

They were all wearing kilts and had their tactics down pat.

I headed for the toilets – I had drunk so much tea to keep me warm!

As I rested my warm little bottom on the cold blue port-a-loo seat, a sole bagpiper started playing some sweets tunes, to which his fellow band members followed.

I was being serenaded in Scotland by a large group of bagpipe and drummers.

I was thinking about what a surreal moment it was, when I looked around for the toilet paper, only to see the steam rising from the liquid that just left my body.

I was in Scotland, being serenaded by bagpipes while I did a wee that was so warm on that summers day,  that it created steam.

Thank you Scotland for a funny but beautiful memory.


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