Planning it or winging it?

We had pre-booked all accommodation in Ireland before we left Australia, but I really wanted to make Scotland one of those “wing it” trips.

You know, the ones where you decide where to stay the night before.

Now up until this point we’d been pretty lucky with our choices in Ireland, but finding accommodation in the peak season along the Loch Ness was testing.

We really should have booked something.


The BnB’s had been booked 12 months in advance.

No vacancies there.

We did have choices on Google – there was a tent,  a house two hours from the Loch or The Rolling Stones penthouse room in a castle.

Houston we have a problem.

By some fluke chance (maybe it was because we had walked past so many churches this trip) a room popped up in Drumnadrochit.

It was like finding a ham the night before Christmas in Woolworths.

The name sounds less desirable, but for the low price of $189 room we locked in The Loch Ness Lodge Hotel.

The pace at which I pumped in Maddie’s mastercard was of Olympic standard.






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