Raymond the Scottish joiner

Jess, Raymond the joiner, Maddie

I’m glad we didn’t stay in Dundee because Perth was far prettier.

We had a break from AirBnb and stayed at the Station Hotel – a grand old lady next to Central Station.

Perth proved to be a beautiful little place.

After a beer at the Old Ship Inn we decided to have a beer at the pub with the most people – Dickins.

That is where we met Raymond Moir, joiner carpenter extraordinaire.

The 52-year-old befriended us as we walked through the door.

From what I could gather, he didn’t seem like a creepy old slick back, santa smiling predator.

“Girls, what would you like to drink?”

“We are fine, thank you for the offer.”

“Oh an accent, where ye from, come on let me buy yeh a drink!”

“Australia! Oh and no thank you so much, but it’s alright we can do it.”

Oh come on you need to be able to say to your friends that you have a drink bought for you by a nice Scotsman.”

Maddie orders a cider

“Come on, what shall I get you”

(Jess)”Righto, your best Scottish drink, whatever that is.”

“Bartender, I’ll buy the cider and two Highland Whiskeys on the rocks.”

Well, on the rock I got it.

Just one piece of ice and 30 ml of oxygen depriving, fire burning liquid!

It’s the best of the best all the way from Orkney, Raymond informs me!

It was so strong, I could have used the whisky as fuel to get me to Orkney!

It took me the whole night to get through it.

So we learn that Raymond was a world-class joiner, with two sons and a grandson. He was getting married in 16 days to his sweetheart, Galena, who happens to be Bulgarian. We heard the poetic story of how he proposed to her in a castle, read some of the thousands of love quotes he had saved on his phone and saw some picture of her in the 3500 photograph library.

He then tried to auction off his youngest son to Maddie. The son did have a child, but he assured Maddie that his son was no longer with the baby’s mother. “Sorry” Maddie said, “the child is a deal breaker.”

We captured the moment with an iPhone photo and said good luck to Raymond as he swayed, waving us goodbye.

I hope he made his 6:15am Edinburgh flight to Bulgaria  the next morning!

Thank you again Scotland for another memorable night.


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