The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, home to beautiful people

Turns out we arrived in Edinburgh at the start of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


We choose to visit Up side down cow stage first– the Udderbelly.

Oh dear, how do I describe the scene.

It was like every good-looking man had been summons to the Udderbelly. Tall ones, short ones, bald ones, bearded ones. Immaculately dressed, not a hair out-of-place. They smelt of mysterious intrigue and words of Scottish glory came from their mouths.

We drank a cider, ate our burgers and got outta there.

It was intimidating.

The sights there were spectacular, but I knew there was nothing like my man at home who could whip out his power drill and fix any broken thing in sight.

Something I believe these soft handed, suit-wearing gentleman could not!

All the single ladies, yes all the single ladies, put your hands up and head to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


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