Pubs, clubs and drunken hugs

Jess and Ben

We had a mad time at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

It was spectacular.

I recommend booking to see this if you are close to Scotland in August!

But more fun was around the corner after the fireworks!

We hit the bars down at the Grassmarket.

We were waiting for two old Rocky boys, Tom and Ben and their band of friends.

No seats in the first bar; there was a hell of a lot of people.

Maddie made a good choice to visit the BlackBull.

Bloody GREAT music.

Finally Tom and his gang arrived and took us to one of the Fringe venues.

The night turned out to be freezing, but hilarious.

We ended up at the Espionage – a nightclub with seven floors.


Yes, seven floors.

Apparently the further down you go, the seedier it gets!

We made it home at 4am.

But, not before stopping by the general store for some early morning snacks.

“What are you going to get Maddie? Chips? Chocolate?”

“No I’m looking for something different.”

Maddie walks out with some Scottish Toffee.

On the way home, I check in with Maddie.

“How’s your toffee? That was an interesting choice.”

“Yes, I was going for something different.”

Five minutes later, Maddie is tired from munging on the chewy toffee.

It was a lot of work, at 4am in the morning.

She looks over and reaches into my chips.

“But I do need a mixture you know!”

Oh she makes me laugh.

Four attempts and 15 minutes later, I finally open Alice’s door.

Maddie falls asleep on the lounge, then in bed in her going out clothes.

It’s been a good night out.


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