How to enjoy Summer that feels like winter

The effort these people go to, to enjoy the summer, despite the winter aspects is unbelievable.

Summer ice cream is a serious business here. You wait in a queue for 30 minutes to order yourself a fresh vanilla waffle cone.

I saw a man in Aberdeen walking in rainy 10ºC weather, only in a t-shirt and shorts, satisfyingly eating his waffle cone and choc top.

But the most serious attempt I saw was in Belfast, when over 200 people jumped in the water to complete a triathlon.

It was 12ºC out of the water.

Cray cray.

Good on them for trying.



One thought on “How to enjoy Summer that feels like winter

  1. Hi Jess this was an interesting story. They must be mad but then we are Australians. I can’t imagine how cold that water must have been. xxxooo mum


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