A place to call home in London

It’s amazing how much you miss hanging the clothes on the line, mowing the yard, owning a pet, lying on a lounge chair and eating dinner at a dining room table.

I have found that beautiful quaint living spaces in London lack most of these things, unless you live out of the city or have the ability to pay for these luxuries.

You sacrifice space for location.

The further out of London you go, the cheaper the rooms and the bigger the houses, but the longer train rides you have to take to get to work.

My first taste of living was in Southfields, one suburb away from the famous Wimbledon.

At first glance, it was a beautiful cute house.

The street was made of terraced houses, bay windows, charming tiled entrances and hydrangea lined footpaths.

Inside this particular house was five bedrooms, a small one bench kitchen, two bathrooms (one room owned exclusive rights to one bathroom), no lounge room and no dining room.

Seven people live in the house, all eating dinner separately in their rooms and do not socialise with each other.

Beauty and romance on the outside; sad and confined on the inside.

Next time you feel jealous of that picturesque Instagram snap, just remember that sometimes it doesn’t match the reality of the situation.

I’m pleased to say after trawling through the endless options of rooms on Google, I have found a charming room that ticks the majority of my boxes.

I have no backyard or a clothesline, but I have the luxury of only one roommate and a lounge room.

For two months anyway!


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