Being late after 8

There are 1440 minutes in a day.

What’s 10 minutes?

Unfortunately if you are 10 minutes late when relying on British public transport, the number of minutes you waste in the day increases substantially.

I usually arrive between 7:45 – 8:00am to catch the misery line, otherwise known as the Northern Line in London.

It’s squishy, but you can generally worm your way into a gap, a centimetre from the closing door.

This isn’t the case in the minutes past 8:00am.

I let out a nervous sigh as I approached the station at 8:15am.

By 8:35am eight trains had passed, and seven people including myself were still trying to secure their patch on the overcrowded trains.

The week before, a gentleman had scolded me as I wiggled my way on-board.

”A simple excuse me would have been the polite way thing to say,” he said.

“Well mate, a simple slide to the left before I boarded would have been the polite thing for you to do, considering you could see the amount of people waiting to board,” was what I wanted to say, but for the sake of having to be only 10 centimetres from his nasty glare for the half hour train ride, I kept it in. What a polite snob.

Unfortunately on Wednesday morning, there wasn’t a gap for a mouse or the opportunity for a rousing.

The determination to avoid being over half and hour late to work exploded in me, as the ninth train pulled in.

I used my lunchbox as a blocker and barged my way on.

The bothered looks and disappointing sighs came, but I didn’t care, I was finally on my way to work.


Lesson learnt.

Don’t be late past 8!


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