There’s a hole in my stocking, dear Eliza, dear Eliza

Two weeks into Autumn, two pairs of stockings to throw away.

I have no idea how they were damaged, but I know from Paul Kelly that from little things big things grow.

You need to make a decision. Do you:

  1. spend the day pulling your skirt down and your stockings up
  2. pop out in your lunchbreak and buy a new pair, or
  3. just say, stuff it, I’m taking them off and going bare?

I’ve come to appreciate and be thankful that Londoners dress comfortably for the working day.

This really took my by surprise.

I had imagined high heels, black stockings, new season Chanel jackets and flawless make-up.

The reality has been joggers on the train, flats on the pavement, natural un-straightened hair, jeans, minimal make up and cardigans.

Maybe I will have a warped view working in Aldgate compared to someone working in Oxford Circus.

It’s been a confusing situation for me to be in, because I want to embody the culture, but still look presentable.

This four season in one day seems to happen everyday, so you have to be prepared for the worst.

I think I’m achieving an odd fashionable mix so far that accommodates for rain, wind and sunshine.

Sadly the stockings aren’t supporting me in my efforts to fit in.

The days are cooler and the goose bumps are appearing, so I don’t think I’ll need them to work with me for much longer.

Goodbye stockings, thanks for your help in covering my legs, but your unholy days of protecting me are over.


One thought on “There’s a hole in my stocking, dear Eliza, dear Eliza

  1. Hey Jess just finishing reading your message about just how cool/cold it is getting over there. Wonder what it will be like when we come over freezing I’m guessing. Xxx mum


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