Keeping your Armour Strong

I have often watched the news at home in Australia in my small Queensland town and not seemed too concern about the impending doom the world has been facing.

My knowledge of warfare and global issues were non-existent I would say until the terrorist attacks that occurred in the USA on September 11, 2001.

But even then, I didn’t think that I was in any immediate danger – my geographical location was so far removed from being a desirable target.

That is until now.

I was in Inverness on Friday, 13th November when Paris was facing its second terrorist attack for the year.

I then flew back into London on Saturday, 14th November, hours after Gatwick airport had been evacuated after a man was found with a gun.

I am now having a minute taste of the fear that millions living in major cities of the world have had for years.

I was planning on heading to a wine festival that Saturday night, but decided to stay in. Why? I was pretty tired after a mammoth week of training, and stormy Abigail was pumping out the wind and rain, but, subconsciously was I frightened? Maybe.

I believe that my armour has not been compromised though; I haven’t let the threat and fear of recent events prevented me from doing everything I want to do. My sense of safety is still in tack.

I admit, I am frightened, but I’m peristing.

I’m still heading to Europe for Christmas, I’m still taking the train to work and I’m still planning trips as I would have.

But, I wonder.

How many people’s armour in the UK broke this November?

How many people have become paralysed with fear and how do we claim that sense of safety back in our hearts?

I also wonder what it will take for cracks to appear in my amour?

I can only hope I’m not faced with any incidents while I live here, and that I can continue make choices in live based on freedom, not on fear.


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