Exploring Dorset and Hampshire – part 4

Day 3 – Salisbury, Stonehenge, London

We farewelled the unsealed driveway and set off to explore Salisbury.

The Salisbury Cathedral was honestly one of the best religious landmarks I have seen.

As you may know, my religious knowledge is poor at the best of times, so it takes a lot to impress me.

What was so charming you ask?

  • The information was presented through storytelling and their were numerous interesting hands on exhibits.
  • The church collaborates with a number of interest groups to promote the community. On the day we were there, a beautiful garden display surrounded the alter and a series of huge sculptures were featured in the Cathedral and on the gardens outside.
  • One of remaining four copies of the Magna Carta is kept in the Cathedral, and comes with a sweet group of charming elderly people providing information about the relic.
  • It visually reminded me of Mont St Michel in France, but was much more inviting and interesting.

It was lunchtime, so we ventured out into the main street of Salisbury.

We were lucky enough come across the Salisbury street festival.

Hundreds of people congregated onto the street.

There was music, dancing, food, kids games, crafts; it felt so lovely to be in a community where people knew each other and stopped for a chat.

We gorged on homemade cakes, wraps and slices and got back into the car a few kilo’s heavier.

It was time to head back to London, to continue our love hate relationship.

We snapped a few fleeting shots of Stonehenge and joined the slow procession of cars heading back to the highway.

And just as a final adventure to top of the fabulous weekend, I decided to frighten the girls and myself by seeing whether Jane could actually run on the smell of an oily rag, as fuel stations proved to be few and far between. Jane didn’t conk out in exhaustion but certainly gurgled down every drop we put into her fuel tank.

Three girls, three days, great memories.

I am grateful for this life.


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