30 essential websites, apps, blogs and pages to follow in London

Click on the name and it will take you to the site 

  1. Treatwell– A fantastic app to book all you haircuts, colours, waxing, make-up, tanning and beauty services. The app also gives great discounts if you regularly use it. It used to be called Wahanda.
  2. Timeout– I love the Timeout magazine that comes out every Tuesday in London, but the email subscription is even better if you miss out on a copy at the train station. Pop on their website and sign up to get the latest news on different events, activities, restaurants and fun things to do in London. They also offer great discounts!
  3. SRO audiences – Register for free tickets to be in the live audience of television shows like Graham Norton, Jonathan Ross, Lip Sync Battle, The Voice, Alan Carr The Chatty Man, Live at the Apollo, Think Tank, Would I Lie to You and The Last Leg just to name a few. A free and fun event to lock into the calendar.
  4. Spareroom – So you’ve moved to London and need to find a place to live? Use the Spareroom website or app to find the perfect apartment. The creators have come along way in creating very helpful filters to narrow down suburb, housemate numbers, lease length and costs.
  5. Citymapper – London is renowned for streets without numbers, buses on diversion and severely delayed tube lines so Citymapper is you go to girl. She will get you to brunch on time and even humour you with her suggestions of using spaceships and catapults instead of the traditional methods of transport.
  6. TKTS – A great website to find cheap tickets on offer for London west end theatre shows daily. The catch is you can find out what’s on sale, but you physically have to purchase tickets from their Leicester Square booth. Sometimes tickets are half price, so it’s worth the trip.
  7. Skyscanner – Instead of opening fifty airline pages to find the cheapest flight, Skyscanner is an invaluable tool to search for the cheapest flights from thousands of airlines and car hire agencies in the world.
  8. Love Theatre –Sign up to receive great deals on theatre and dinner packages in London.
  9. Aussies in London – Need to know where the State of Origin is playing, or how to convert your Australian trade tickets to be valid in the UK? Aussies in London is a community of 30,000 Facebook users helping Aussies living abroad with everything from travel arrangements, jobs, apartments, food, beauty treatments and Australian events.
  10. Kiwi’s in London – With over 50,000 Facebook followers, Kiwi’s in London is the superior site to view. This is the same as the Aussies in London page, but on steroids with more commentary and more opportunities.
  11. Breakfast London on Instagram– For someone like me who is obsessed with breakfasts and brunch, this is the perfect Instagram page to find spectacular breakfast places in London.
  12. Uber – When you couldn’t be stuffed to catch two buses home after a night on the town, use Uber. This is a far cheaper alternative to the well-known black cabs in London. Uber has also been very helpful when moving apartments – order a van!
  13. Wiki Triip – Download the app onto your mobile so that when you are in a country and don’t have Wi-Fi, at least you have some quality information at your fingertips. It does provides wealth of information about landmarks, culture, getting around, food, accommodation and things to see and do, but is occasionally out of date.
  14. Trainline – Once you venture out of London, there is more than the underground. Use Trainline to find the cheapest train tickets around the UK.
  15. Deliveroo – Pizza Express may only be a two-minute walk from your house, but if you are feeling lazy, use Deliveroo. It’s an app that allows you to order any food from your favourite restaurant, and a Deliveroo driver will deliver it to your door within 20 minutes of it being ready.
  16. Skype – The phone when you don’t have a phone. I have used Skype for late night cries to my mum, job interviews with new employees and B&B owners to book rooms, all in the comfort of Wi-Fi free zones like McDonalds and Starbucks. Privacy isn’t always available, but the technology is there.
  17. Aussie Nomad – This was my go-to blog when I first moved to London. Chris has some quality articles about visas, apartment hunting and getting around Europe. It’s been a while since Aussie Nomad has been actively writing, however the information is since relevant and very helpful.
  18. Tripadvisor –My bible and now maybe your bible. The app and website outlines hotels, restaurants and things to do in every town, city and country. I have found the guides very helpful to understand how many activities you can fit in a day and you are able save things you want to come back to.
  19. Netflix – If you are like me and your apartment didn’t come with a television, Netflix has been my savour. On a side note, if you do have a television, don’t forget that you have to pay a tax to watch free to air shows. Netflix has thousands of movies, TV shows and documentaries at the tip of your fingertips for about £7 – 8. Trust me when you’re sitting at the airport for two hours waiting to board a delayed flight, it’s worth every pound.
  20. AirBnB – AirBnB is a nice way to be adventurous with your accommodation. There are so many unique options to stay which would never been available without the site. Stay in a castle, sleep in a cave, glamp it up by the beachside or stay in a regular friendly and homey house. Sometimes the adventure is not in the accommodation, but the hosts. Try it!
  21. BBC I Player – I never did get sucked into Hollyoaks or Emmerdale but if I ever did, BBC I Player would have been my best friend. You can catch up on all your favourites for free with BBC.
  22. Expedia – The place to become your own travel agent. Work with Expedia to book the cheapest flights, accommodation, activities and transfers.
  23. Spending – I have used this app to make sure my income has been more than my expenses. The app allows you to enter your wages, other income and all expenses to make sure you’re on track to pay your rent. It’s a depressing, but necessary evil.
  24. Booking.com – Fast, simple and easy way to make accommodation booking over the world.
  25. iBooks – Free books. Cheap books. Books. Need I say more?
  26. WordPress – If you are reading this blog, then you’ve already met WordPress. Why not register so you can save all your favourite blogs to come back to and maybe even start one of your own.
  27. Find my iPhone – Always required after a big night out. Did you leave it in the taxi, at the nightclub or in a friend’s jacket? Don’t forget to add it to your phone and register.
  28. Internet banking – Download an app or use the website, but I would advise never saving your log in details. I don’t know how people get by these days without online banking.
  29. Groupon – A unicycle for £15, yes please! I have bought exclusive tickets to events and cheap haircuts but the buying choices are endless.
  30. LinkedIn – A playground full of job opportunities and headhunters on the sidelines luring you into job prospects. I have been poached many times on LinkedIn, so get on it. Make sure you add as much information as possible, as recruiters and HR advisors often look to your profile as if it is your resume.

There you go – you have the power!

N.B. I haven’t included the App organs as I like to call them; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, as I thought they’d just be a given. If you don’t have them, I would say, just give them a go, and if they don’t fit then discard them.


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